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About Sandy Jacquez

Lic. Real Estate Broker / Owner / International Real Estate Entrepreneur

Words that say “believing in yourself first, because you are in control of your life.” This is how I choose to live my life which fuels my entrepreneurial spirit. 


Since 1988, I have been dedicated to growing my real estate practice. First, by working with commercial property investors in Miami, Florida, then I relocated to New York to work with other investors, clients, and customers. As a licensed real estate broker, I help clients find the best property solutions using due diligence. I am knowledgeable and committed to my clients. As an international real estate entrepreneur, I invest in commercial real estate and REITS by determining ROI.


I always strive to provide my clients with the most recent information about real estate market trends, new constructions, etc. I spend my time analyzing, researching, advertising and marketing properties, negotiate any form of real estate transaction, engage in the sale or rental of condominiums, Co-ops, houses, commercial properties, mixed use properties, industrial properties, luxury properties and unimproved land. Negotiate leases, relocate residential or commercial tenants, tenant screening, real estate development, infrasturcture, and Smart Homes (home automation technology).


I believe in my superpower the power to SMILE :-) a simple gesture can be so contagious, which I use to communicate with the universe. My favorite quote by Dr. Joyce Brothers, an American psychologist is: " A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success. "

By APPOINTMENT only (visitors are required to check in with picture identification card at Security desk in the lobby area, and a pass card will be issued).

Sandy Jacquez
Licensed Real Estate Broker

Office location: 45 Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 2000, New York, NY 10111

Office: 347-979-9514

Mobile: 347-987-9881 


Email: Realinvest2004{at}AOL{dot}com

Fax: 440-848-0592


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PLEASE NOTE: Licensed real estate brokers and real estate salespersons are required to carry a picture identification card issued by New York State, Dept. of State, Division of Licensing Service. You can request to see it to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate licensed broker or salesperson, and make sure it is not expired.


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